Janome 6234XL Overlocker

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Great value and typical Janome top quality, the 6234XL makes overlock sewing easy! With electronic speed control it is an advanced overlocker and has 2 needles allowing 2, 3 or 4 thread overlock stitching.
Incorporating the differential feed system of two feed dogs, the differential feed ratio, which is adjustable from .05 to 2.25, provides increased control for handling all types of fabrics and for creating desired special effects. Puckered edges on woven fabrics and stretched edges on knits are virtually eliminated.

Threading is a breeze due to colour-coded thread guides and nearly a self-threading lower looper. Simply lay the thread into the guide, flip a lever, and the lower looper is threaded. The guide is automatically returned to its normal position when you turn the balance wheel. And when you lift the presser foot for rethreading, the thread tensions are automatically released so you can draw the thread smoothly. The 6234XL overlocker also lets you quickly switch to rolled hemming without changing the needle plate. The rolled hem lower looper pre-tension conversion feature eliminates the need to change the needle plate, foot, or tension setting for rolled hemming.


  • 2 Thread, 3 Thread and 4 Thread Overlocking
  • Maximum Stitch Length: 5mm
  • Seam Width: 5.7mm
  • Adjustable Cutting Width
  • Retractable Upper Knife
  • Colour Coded Threading Guide
  • Lower Looper Easy Threading Mechanism
  • Easy Rolled Hem Conversion
  • Lay in Tension Dials
  • Seam Width (Standard): 3.55mm
  • Maximum Sewing Speed: 1500 s.p.m, Rolled Hem: 2.0mm
  • Differential Feed Ratio: 0.5 to 2.25

Technical Specifications: 

  • Brand (Janome)
  • Model (6234XL)
  • Type (Overlocker)
  • Warranty (2 Years Full Manufacturers Warranty)
  • Weight (9kg)
  • Dimensions (H28 cm x W29 cm)
  • Electronic Foot Speed Control (Yes)
  • Tutorial CD / DVD (Yes)
  • Jet Air Threading (No)
  • Lay In Threading (No)
  • Auto Tension Release (Yes)
  • Auto Looper Threader (Yes)
  • Colour-Coded Threading (Yes)
  • LCD Screen (No)
  • Sleeve Arm (No)
  • Rolled Hem (Yes by Lever)
  • Differential Feed (Yes)
  • Stitch Functions (2 Thread, 3 Thread or 4 Thread)


  • Standard Foot
  • Small Lint Brush
  • Needle Threader
  • Needles 
  • Screwdriver Large 
  • Screwdriver Small 
  • Spanner
  • Spool Caps 
  • Spool Cone Holders 
  • Spool Nets 
  • Spreader
  • Tweezers
  • Spare Upper Knife
  • Waste Chip Box
  • Foot Control
  • Instruction Book
  • Instructional DVD
  • Oil
  • Cover

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