Brother N11 Industrial 3 Thread Overlocker

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N Series N11 Industrial Sewing Machine

The N series of overlock sewing machines is a basic type or overlock machine that concentrates on the basic range of functions. The machines in this series offer better productivity and stable sewing finishes at maximum sewing speeds of 7,000 spm. The various parts of the N series of machines have been optimized and standardized to produce a line-up of economical and efficient machines with superlative cost performance.


Even better sewing quality:

Creates attractive and accurate seams
This model produces a stable seam from the sewing start to the sewing end, with optimum thread feeding for a wide variety of different materials and threads.

Clean sewing finishes
The needle bar mechanism, the upper looper mechanism and the feed mechanism are all fully-closed. This eliminates the problem of oil leaks, and thus protects the material being sewn against staining from oil. It also prevents dust and other foreign articles from getting into the mechanisms.

Does not damage the material
The light presser foot pressure and improvements to the feed path mean that the materials is fed gently, so that no feed marks or damage are left on the material.

Suitable for a wide range of materials and applications:

Wide range of applications

The four different upper looper paths provide a high degree of responsiveness to different material types. You can be assured of always obtaining the ideal level of sewing stability for all materials from extra light materials to extra heavy materials.


Suitable for heavy materials
A maximum overlocking width is 7 mm. An ultra high lift-type presser foot with a maximum lift of 7 mm has also been adopted in order to handle heavy materials such as denim and bulky knitted materials.

Smooth, light sewing with low vibration:


The components are lighter in weight and have been adjusted for balance in order to reduce the required torque, so that operation is smooth right from the sewing start. In addition, all components from the drive shaft through to the needle mechanism have been optimized for balance to reduce vibration even further during sewing.                                                                                         



No. of Needles


No. of Threads


Stitch Width


Max. Stitch Length

0.9 ?û 3.8mm

Max. Speed

7000 SPM (Stitches Per Min.)

Presser Foot Height



Included with Machine:
FREE Table & Motor.
FREE Telephone and online support.


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